MFA History

Mark Fowler has over 40 years experience in the wall and ceiling industry and 20 years leading associations.  Administration, membership growth, seminars, events, technical expertise and labor negotiations have been the background for MFA to be a leading association management firm. 

Mark Fowler became a California state licensed contractor in 1983 and 1995 in Washington.  As the Architectural Consultant for the Northwest Wall and Ceiling Bureau (NWCB), he wrote hundreds of papers on a variety of wall and ceiling issues from code compliance to judging procedures with various committees. At Soltner Group Architects, Fowler provided building analysis and litigation support for an architecture firm with well over 400 completed projects.


MFA brings the unique experience of trade or practical knowledge with the academia for building science, AAMA protocols and ASTM standards.  Fowler is experienced at project investigation, mediation, deposition, and case trail.  He is the editorial director for the National magazine on drywall and plaster that was started in 1938 " Walls and Ceilings". 

  • Always do right by the materials, the location, and the client
  • Quality lives on when the low price is long forgotten 
  • MFA understands that association management requires honesty, integrity, talent and how to make lemonade when you are dealt lemons   

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Mark Fowler has lectured around the United States and Canada 

Fowler has represented several associations and bureaus across the US and Canada.  His history of establishing code and industry standards, are blended with an Architectural background make him a guest speaker well received by a wide range of industry professionals.  Developers,contractors, apprentice

ship schools, architects, insurance underwriters, and code enforcement agencies have all heard seminars presented by Mark Fowler. 

"doing the same thing over and over and EXPECTING a different result is the definition of insanity" ​Albert  Einstein 

CA Lic # 444098

Member AIA/LA   

Executive Director of two nationally respected associations with over 125 years of service to the industry 



Honoring the skilled craft of European traditions while blending modern materials with innovation to make the designers imagination a reality   

State Of California Certified "Industry Expert"

Stucco Manufacturers Assoc.

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Anaheim, CA 

National Terrazzo and Mosaic Assoc.

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Fredericksburg Texas